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Our approach to management reflects the nature of its worldwide reach. A system of decentralized management allows for the flexibility that the security industry requires. The corporate office provides support to managers, supervisors, and contractors in the field at various job sites. Managers and supervisors are empowered with the authority to manage day-to-day operations. This eliminates unnecessary delays and enables them to make immediate decisions on-site based on the needs of the client.

Supervisors at CASS have a minimum of ten years of experience in contract security, law enforcement, or the military. Through a mix of detailed formalized operations policies and standard operating procedures in conjunction with an unrivaled training program, the team is fully prepared for any situation.


All training is part of a formalized process performed face-to-face with a live instructor to ensure that employees grasp every concept. We provide oversight at all projects through routine audits and quarterly inspections at every location.

Training sessions for CASS employees are more practical and less theory oriented. Instructors take candidates through actual scenarios and exercises to ensure that they can apply their training in real world situations. Ongoing quarterly quality control audits test workers’ skills and allow leadership to assess and address officer training and performance status, client concerns, morale, and  level of efficiency.

Recall and Emergency Mobilization Surge Contingency Plan (REMSCP)

The REMSCP is one of our major strengths, giving us the ability to transition from normal security operations into an emergency operation posture in an uninterrupted and timely manner. We have built a comprehensive and proven model that affords us the capability to maintain and sustain security operations around the clock, seven days a week. 

This is accomplished by prioritizing security positions to ensure that the highest priority is covered first. In doing so, a smooth, orderly, and efficient security force surge is achieved quickly, meeting contract requirements for any contingency as directed by the client.

The REMSCP is a tried and tested solution, having been put into action on several occasions including:

  • September 11th, 2001. CASS reacted quickly at federal facility locations, doubling security personnel at all posts, adding an over-watch officer, and requiring 100% identification of anyone entering the buildings. 

In combination with the broad reach of resources and commitment to excellence, our Recall and Emergency Mobilization Surge Contingency Plan has made us a leader in mission critical national security and one of the most vital links in the chain of security providers for the U.S. government worldwide.


Company owners and senior executives at CASS believe in being hands-on from the top down. That means consistent involvement in day-to-day operations at every work site.  A formalized reporting system enables leadership to maintain the highest standards, giving us the quickest level of responsiveness. 

Quality Control

Quality control is of the utmost importance to our senior executive and management staff. That’s why we insist on face-to-face interaction with the client, beginning with the post-contract award meeting and continuing throughout the life of the contract. This is a commitment to building quality control into every aspect of the process.

Founding owner Louis Culpepper believes that any business, large or small, must be built on a solid foundation. To ensure that our employees are of the highest caliber, we employ monthly random drug testing (state permitted) .  Participation in our comprehensive drug testing program is mandatory.

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